Among wristwatches, there’s something special: they wind themselves up while you wear them. It’s a remarkable feature that sets them apart. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these unique timepieces, formally known as ‘automatic movements,’ and understand how they operate.

What is an automatic watch?

An automatic watch is a special kind of watch that doesn’t need a battery or hand-cranking to keep running. It’s smart and uses your wrist’s movements to stay on time, which is different from regular watches that need a battery.

Automatic Movements

How does It work?

The Magic Behind the Watch

  • The Spinner: Inside an automatic watch, there’s a tiny spinner called a rotor. This spinner moves when you move your wrist.
  • Power from Motion: When you wear the watch and move your wrist, the spinner spins. This spinning is like winding up the watch, so it stores energy.
  • Making Time: The energy goes through some tiny gears and springs, which make the watch’s hands move and keep time.

Types of Automatic Watch Movements

There are two main types of “movements” or inner mechanisms in automatic watches:

  • Rotor systems – The rotor can wind in one or both directions. Bidirectional rotors are more efficient.
  • Oscillating weight designs – The rotor may sit on ball bearings or be mounted directly on a staff.

Popular Brands for Automatic Watches

Some brands known for excellent automatic watch movements include:

  • Seiko – Renowned for their smooth “sweeping” second hand driven
  • Omega – Produces proprietary Co-Axial movements with chronometer-level accuracy,
  • Rolex – Their automatic watches often feature in-house movements.
  • Tag Heuer – Many models contain workhorse ETA automatic movements.

Best Automatic Movements

The “best” automatic movement depends on what you like, but here are some that many people think are great:

  • ETA 2824-2: It’s tough and accurate, and you can find it in lots of good watch brands.
  • Valjoux 7750: If you want a watch with a stopwatch, this movement is awesome. It’s accurate and has cool features.
  • Patek Philippe Caliber 240: It’s super thin and looks amazing. This one is for people who want the fanciest automatic movement.

In the end, automatic watches are like tiny time machines that you wear on your wrist. They’re special because they don’t need batteries, and they’re made with care and precision. Whether you’re thinking about getting one or just curious about watches,

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