Watch Polishing/Overhauling, and Watch Cleaning are three different terms.

Briefly explain to you about all three topics further in the article.

Watch Polishing is done only to Steel, Pure Gold, and Pure Rose Gold Watch. A pure steel watch Introductory price can be 5000/-. Purchase of the watch can be decided on the watch material. Ask the watch expert about its material is steel or if it looks like one. As steel color doesn’t go off. If it is going off that means it is a steel-plated watch. Many brands starting from Titan, Timex deal in Steel Watches.

Watch Cleaning in our terms is the washing of the outer body of the watch. Outer case of the watch gets clean with the help of an ultrasonic device. The device cleans the case and the metal band of the watch from dust and unwanted substances. The whole process takes 2 hours, and the watch reassembling takes greasing the gasket of the back cover and the crown. Which enables water proofing for the watch.

Overhauling/Servicing is about working on the machinery of the watch. In which we completely disassemble the machine parts. We wash, check, and polish all the parts. We assemble them oil them where watch require and the oil we use in very adequate manner as excess of it can split all over the machine and and harm the watch. In this even we clean the case and provide the polishing service as well if required.

Watch Polishing/Overhauling services are available with us In-house. We have the team of expert horologist.